Sales Booster Module

Boost Your Sales with eZwoms' Sales Booster Module

Welcome to eZwoms’ Sales Booster Module, your ultimate solution for driving revenue growth and maximizing sales opportunities. Our innovative features unlock new avenues for boosting sales, incentivizing purchases, and enhancing your customers’ overall shopping experience.

Why Choose eZwoms' Sales Booster Module?

  • Drive Conversions: Utilize coupon codes and discounts to encourage purchases and convert leads into paying customers, boosting your sales and revenue.
  • Maximize Revenue: Configure commission rates to incentivize affiliates and partners, motivating them to promote your services and drive sales growth while maximizing your profitability.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: Order bump functionality elevates the shopping experience, providing customers with convenient add-on options that complement their purchases and add value to their transactions.

Key Features of Our Team Management Module

Coupon Code Generator

Create customized coupons for your services easily, offering discounts and promotions to entice customers and stimulate sales. Generate unique codes tailored to your marketing strategies and track their usage for maximum effectiveness.

Commission Configuration

Empower users to set fixed costs or percentage-based commissions, providing flexibility in incentivizing sales and rewarding affiliates for their contributions. Customize commission structures to align with your business objectives and revenue goals.

Order Bump

The Order Bump feature enhances the value of every transaction by automatically adding complementary products or services to the customer's cart when a specific service is purchased. This increases upsell opportunities and encourages additional purchases with targeted product suggestions.

Experience the Power of Sales Enhancement with eZwoms!

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